Helicopter Price in India 2024, 4, 7, 8 and 10 Seater, Chopper

At this time in India, 4 different helicopters exist with multiple seating capacities but their prices are different. Helicopter Price in India are 4-Seater “INR 37 Million”, 6-Seater “INR 80 Million”, 8-Seater “INR 160 Million”, and 10-Seater “INR 170 Million”.  Further, get the Cheapest Helicopter Price in India on this page.

The richest people looking for Real Helicopter Price in India because they like luxury transportation to move from one place to another. Today get the most famous and popular models of helicopters which demand rapid rise day by day in India. People wish to buy new Helicopter for their family usage but it is not easy to possible. Actually, Helicopters require a specific place for landing and their prices are too high which does not easily come within the budget of an average person.

Helicopter Price in India 2024

People think just a few helicopter models exist in India but this approach is wrong because above mentioned models are the most demanding. Today get a private Helicopter Price List in India along with model names but its costs are approximate.

Model Price
H145 Turbine Engines INR 56,12,91,536
AW109 With double engine INR 41,35,83,237
AW109 With double engine INR 73,85,41,495
Euro Copter AS350B-3 INR 59,08,33,196
AW139 Double Engine INR 47,26,66,557
AS350B3 Chopper INR 25,11,04,108
McDonnell Douglas 500E INR 53,17,49,876
EC130 B4 Single Engine INR 26,58,74,938
Airbus AS365 N3+ INR 32,49,58,258
AS350 B2 INR 88,62,49,794

Note: Above mention Helicopter Cost in India is approximate, not an exact figure. So before buying must confirm the price.

4-Seater Helicopter Price in India

Nowadays, a Helicopter with a seating capacity of 4 people is in demand. The primary reason for its popularity is its reasonable price which is “INR 37 Million”. If we see the overall crew members that capacity is 6 including the pilot. But exclude the pilot this is just for 4 persons.

  • Several companies manufacture helicopters in India but this is not possible to describe the specs and features of each model separately.
  • Price estimations that have been collected from the market are also discussed above.
  • People find the traveling range of 4 seater helicopter which is 200 to 500 Miles.

4-Seater Helicopter Price in India

Helicopter Price in India 6 Seater

The updated 6 seater helicopter price in India is “INR 80 Million”. With a seating capacity of 6 people, different models of helicopters exist in India under different price ranges. Some approximation stats are now given.

6 Seater INR 80 Million

Helicopter Price in India 6 Seater

8 Seater Helicopter Price

The outer body of the 8-seater Helicopter is big size compared to others as well people know the 8 Seater Helicopter Price in India which is INR 160 Million. Basically, this helicopter is not manufactured in India but people import it from another country and then sell it in this market. Due to high taxes on imports, its price rises automatically.

8-Seater Helicopter Cost INR 160 Million

8 Seater Helicopter Price

Helicopter Price in India 10-Seater

For family usage, 10 seater helicopter is most suitable because you can travel easily along with family. In addition, the latest price of this Helicopter is INR 170 Million. Every type of Specs has been introduced but due to the high price people prefer second-hand helicopters which are available.

  • The outer body size of 10 seater helicopter is the biggest compared to others.
  • This helicopter does not land in every space firstly you need to make a proper helipad where it will land.
  • Specifications and features do not exist because they depend on the model.
  • We cannot give exact figures regarding the traveling range.

Helicopter Price in India 10-Seater

2 Seater Helicopter Price in India

The price of 2 Seater Helicopter is “INR 58,00,000” and it is easy to available in India but only two people can sit. In addition, the maximum travel speed is 120kmph as well as its fly capacity is 14,000 feet. The outer size of this helicopter is too small and you can easily land.

2 Seater Helicopter Price INR 5.8 Million

Vaishno Devi Helicopter Price

Basically, Vaishno Devi is a private company in India that offers different models of helicopters for rent not sale. People think they are selling helicopters across India but this is not exact info. You can just book a helicopter for rent while its rent amount depends on travel, time, and some other things. Visit the nearest office of Vaishno Devi office and discuss all things.

Helicopters in India have transcended their utilitarian role as a mode of transportation, assuming the mantle of a symbol of prestige. Their utility spans a spectrum of applications, catering to personal, business, and governmental requirements. The burgeoning demand for helicopters in the nation attests to their increasing significance. This article endeavors to furnish a comprehensive analysis of the prevailing helicopter prices in India 2024. A meticulous exploration of the multifaceted factors influencing these prices will be undertaken, providing prospective buyers with invaluable insights into the dynamics of this market segment.

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