Dhamsa Tribal Restaurant Menu Card with Price List, Contact Number

Some people are adventurous eaters and enjoy trying new dishes that they might not have access to at home. Yes, through the Dhamsa Tribal Restaurant menu card with price list, you can pick your favorite food item from a variety of dishes and the contact number will help you with advance reservation. It provides a convenient option for individuals and families who may not have the time or desire to cook. This restaurant, tradition comes to life through the art of cooking. Experience the magic of clay pot cooking, open-fire grilling, and the skillful use of indigenous spices that create a delightful mix of flavors.

Dhamsa Tribal Restaurant Menu Card

Furthermore, to practice the unique flavors of the Dhamsa Tribal restaurant menu card; take a look at their full menu with prices and contact number to confirm your order. It is not just a place to eat, it’s a place to experience the cultural diversity and culinary artistry of tribal communities.

  • Trishna Nibaron
  • Gram Banglar Thal
  • Dhamsa Special
  • Upojati Niramisashi
  • Dhamsa Special
  • Upojati Amisashi
  • Modok

Dhamsa Tribal Restaurant Menu Card with Price List:

At Dhamsa Tribal restaurant menu card with a price list, is thoughtfully designed to offer clear and inclusive information about each dish’s cost. They believe in fostering trust with their respectable guests by confirming that there are no hidden charges.

With every dish, you will find a perfect balance between the quality of ingredients, cooking skill, and value for your money.

  • Trishna Nibaron:
Menu Items Price
Gondhoraj Ghol INR 99
Beler Shorbat INR 89
Hazarduarir Shorbat INR 99
Bhoragorar Lebur Shorbat INR 89
Pkg. Drinking Water MRP Price may vary
  • Gram Banglar Thal
Thali Menu Items Price 
Panta Bhater Thal INR 169 / 189
Raja Bhat Khawa Thal INR 169
Borisaler Thal INR 189
Orgram Thal INR 199
  • Upojati Niramisashi:
Menu Items Price 
Aloo Chapli INR 169
Dumurer Dalna INR 189
Khosha Posto Chorchori INR 199
Dhonepata Diye Musur Dal INR 129
Aloo Morich Posto Bhaja INR 169
Chutney Papad INR 99
  • Upojati Amisashi:
Menu Items Price
Chingri Special Fry INR 349
Baanspora INR 249 / 289
(Murgi, Mangsho)
Tok Jhal Kalichanda INR 249
Khorika INR 259 / 249
(Maach, Murgi)
Chicken Kolmi Kassa INR 249
Kakrar Jhal INR 299
Potro Pora Baby Bhetki INR 299
Mete Chorchori INR 249
Desi Murgir Jhol INR 349
Pora Harir Mangsho INR 399
Gugli INR 249
Mala Pora INR 299
Baansbhora Biryani INR 349 / 399
(Murgi/ Mangsho)
Kalo Chaler Bhat INR 99
Sada Chaler Bhat INR 89
  • Modok:
Menu Items Price 
Bhapa Doi INR 99
Mihidana INR 99
Chanapora INR 99
Ice Cream INR 179

Dhamsa Tribal Restaurant Contact Number:

Additionally, It’s always a good idea to make a reservation in advance, especially during peak hours, to secure your table and avoid any disturbance.

So, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and dial the Dhamsa Tribal Restaurant Contact Number to start an amazing food adventure like never before.

Contact Number +91 8017432636 / 9477430668

Dhamsa Tribal Restaurant Opening Time

Opening Time Tuesday to Sunday 12 PM to 8 PM
Closing Day Monday

In a world full of different food experiences, the Dhamsa Tribal Restaurant menu card with a price list is an amazing thing to pick your favorite item. It offers a special adventure with both culture and food that you won’t find anywhere else. Menu with prices, invite you to discover the rich heritage and delicious flavors that await you. Don’t miss this golden chance to try authentic tribal food and make wonderful memories every time you visit us.

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