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Today Desi Month Date is the 22nd of Phagan, according to the Desi Month Calendar. It’s Tuesday, March 5, 2024. The calendar is a key part of Punjabi culture. It shows deep traditions and helps celebrate important events. Studying the Desi Month Date connects us to our roots. We will explore the Punjabi Desi calendar closely. We’ll discuss the importance of today’s date. We’ll also learn about the history of the Desi Months. This knowledge will bring us closer to our heritage.

Today Desi Month Date 22nd Phagan

What is the Desi Month Date Today?

Today is the 22nd of Phagan on the Desi calendar. It’s Tuesday, March 5th, 2024. This day is important to many Punjabis. It marks the start of a new month. It offers chances for new beginnings and joyful celebrations.

  1. Chet
  2. Vaisakhi
  3. Jeth
  4. Harh
  5. Sawan
  6. Bhadon
  7. Assu
  8. Katak
  9. Maghar
  10. Poh
  11. Maagh
  12. Phagun

Desi Month Date Today

Names of Days in the Desi Punjabi Calendar

The Desi Punjabi calendar unfurls a vivid spectrum of days, each marked by its singular importance. From Somvaar (Monday) through Aitvaar (Sunday), these days are deeply enmeshed with the essence of Punjabi heritage. Delving into the significance of these days empowers individuals to harmonize their endeavors with the rhythm of cultural rituals.

Days in English Days in Punjabi Days in Urdu
Monday Somvaar سوموار
Tuesday Mangalvaar منگل
Wednesday Budhvaar بدھ
Thursday Veervaar جمعرات
Friday Shukarvaar جمعہ
Saturday Sanicharvaar ہفتہ
Sunday Aitvaar اتوار

Desi Month Names in Hindi and Urdu

The Desi Calendar has months that are called something in Punjabi and change when you say them in Hindi and Urdu. This shows how many different languages are spoken in the area. For example, what is called “Chet” in Punjabi is called “Chaitra” in Hindi and Urdu. Looking into these language differences helps us understand the Desi Calendar’s culture better.

Month in English Month in Urdu Month in Hindi
Chet چیت ਚੇਤ
Vaisakh ویساکھ ਵੈਸਾਖ
Jeth جیٹھ ਜੇਠ
Harh ہاڑ ਹਾੜ੍ਹ
Sawan ساون ਸਾਵਣ
Bhadon بھادوں ਭਾਦੋ
Assu اسو ਅੱਸੂ
Kattak کاتک ਕੱਤਕ
Magghar مگھر ਮੱਘਰ
Poh پوہ ਪੋਹ
Magh ماگھ ਮਾਘ
Phagan پھاگن ਫੱਗਣ

History of Desi Month Date

The old calendar from Punjab has a long history that goes back many generations. It uses the moon to mark time, which is different from the common calendar called the Gregorian calendar. It starts with the month called Chet and ends with the month called Phagan. Each month is important for its own cultural and farming traditions. Knowing about this history helps us appreciate and understand the Desi Months better, showing us how special they are to the area’s rich history.

Punjabi Month Urdu Names Gregorian Months Days
Chet چیت 14 March – 13 April 31
Vaisakhi بیساکھ 14 April – 14 May 31
Jeth جیٹھ 15 May – 14 June 31
Harh ہاڑ 15 June – 15 July 31
Sawan ساون 16 July – 15 August 31
Bhadon بھادوں 16 August – 14 September 30
Assu اسو 15 September – 14 October 30
Katak کاتک 15 October – 13 November 30
Maghar مگھر 14 November – 13 December 29
Poh پوہ 14 December – 12 January 30
Magh ماگھ 13 January – 12 February 30/31
Phagun پھاگن 13 February – 14 March 30/31

Festival Holidays According to Desi Month

The old calendar from Punjab is based on traditions that have been around for a very long time. It uses the moon’s changes to mark time, which is different from the Gregorian calendar that uses the sun. The year starts with the month called Chet and ends with Phagan, and every part of the year is important for its own cultural and farming reasons. Learning more about this history helps us understand and appreciate the Desi Months more, making us feel closer to this important tradition.

Day Holiday Date
Thursday Guru Gobind Singh Birthday Jan 05, 2024
Friday Maghi – Lohri Jan 13, 2024
Tuesday Holi Mar 07, 2024
Wednesday Hola Mohalla Mar 08, 2024
Friday Vaisakhi Apr 14, 2024
Tuesday Birthday of Guru Angad Dev Apr 18, 2024
Friday Martyrdom of Guru Arjan Dev Sahib Jun 16, 2024
Friday Birth of the Guru Granth Oct 20, 2024
Thursday Diwali Nov 09, 2024
Friday Martyrdom of Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib Nov 24, 2024
Monday Guru Nanak Birthday Nov 27, 2024

The Punjabi Desi calendar is more than just a way to tell time; it shows the rich culture of Punjab. Paying attention to the Desi Month Date today helps people feel closer to their family’s history and ways of doing things. This makes sure that these important traditions are kept alive and passed down to the next generations.

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