MGM Dizzee World Ticket Price 2024 Contact Number

In the territory of Chennai, MGM Dizzee World which is well known for public outings revised their entry charges. The updated MGM Dizzee World ticket price 2024 starts from INR 550 to INR 900. During the week and on weekends prices are the same but other accessories charges are not included in these prices. You can book an online ticket before the visit as well contact number exists where people inquire about more details. Further, if you do not know the exact location follow below Google Maps and address details.

MGM Dizzee World Ticket Price 2024

Enjoy different activities in MGM Dizzee World where water rides and dry rides are installed. People who like thrilling activities now can participate. Moreover, you can get an updated MGM Dizzee world ticket price 2024.

Ticket Price
Jumbo Pack
  • Kids: INR 550
  • Young People: INR 700
Only Entry
  • Children: INR 600
  • Men&Women: INR 900
Other Charges
  • Locker and Rain Coat: INR 50 {Each}
  • Swim Suit: INR 100

Water Park

Contact Number

This places a strong emphasis on customer service, with a dedicated MGM Dizzee World contact number available for visitors to inquire about ticket prices, park hours, special events, and any other information they might need. The customer service team is knowledgeable and ready to assist with planning your visit information about new attractions, entry charges, and answering any questions you may have.

Helpline Number
  • 91-8069795555
  • 91-9500063716
  • 91-9500063717

Address and Location

MGM Dizzee World Address is easily accessible from various parts of Chennai and its surrounding areas. The exact address can be found on their website, along with a detailed map and directions on how to reach the amusement park by public transport or private vehicle.

Address Details Muthukadu, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

For those using GPS or ride-sharing services, the MGM Dizzee World Park location is marked, making it easy to find.

Location Click Here

Open and Close Time

Weekdays are generally less crowded, offering a more relaxed experience, while weekends and public holidays are busier but also more vibrant with special performances and events.

Open Time 10:30 AM
Close Time 06:00 PM

To make the most of your visit to MGM Dizzee World, it’s important to plan ahead. Consider the type of ticket price that best suits your group, check the weather forecast, and think about what you want to see and do. The park offers a range of attractions, from adrenaline-pumping rides to family-friendly activities and shows, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Packing essentials like sunscreen, hats, and water will make your day more comfortable, especially during the hotter months. Finally, arriving early can help you beat the crowds and enjoy more rides.

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