KFC Qatar Menu with Prices, Today Offer, Number

Explore the tantalizing KFC Qatar Menu with Prices, featuring an array of chicken options, burgers, wraps, sides, and desserts. From the iconic Original Recipe Chicken to spicy Zinger burgers, there’s something for every palate. Additionally, KFC offers vegetarian alternatives and kid-friendly meals to cater to diverse dietary preferences. Discover the full menu to plan your perfect meal at KFC Qatar.

KFC Qatar Menu with Prices

Prices may vary slightly based on location and specific promotions, but KFC maintains competitive pricing, ensuring excellent value for money. Whether you’re ordering a combo meal or individual items, knowing the prices in advance helps you make informed choices while keeping your budget in check. The updated KFC Qatar Menu with Prices is given.

Today Offer

Item Price (QAR)
11 Bucket 49
My Bucket 22
My Bucket Plus 27
Playing 11 Bucket 89
Duo Bucket 52
Double Twister Meal 25
Super Meal 113
Wings Snack Box 23
Double Dynamite Meal 25
Kabayan Meal 14
Kabayan Meal With Drink 20


Item Price (QAR)
Peri Peri Twist 26
Peri Peri Twister Box 28
Peri Peri Twister Combo 20
Peri Peri Twister 11

For One

Item Price (QAR)
  • Box Master Sandwich – Original
  • Box Master Sandwich – Spicy
  • Dynamite Burger Meal
  • Twister Combo
  • Pepper Mayo Meal
18 {Each}
  • Supreme Combo
  • Dynamite Burger Twist
28 {Each}
  • Wings Meal
  • Zinger Box
32 {Each}
  • Box Master Combo
  • Big Filler Jalapeno Combo
  • Dinner Meal
  • Dinner Strips Meal
29 {Each}
  • Pepper Mayo Box
  • Dynamite Burger Box
25 {Each}
  • Pepper Mayo Cruncher twist
  • Dynamite cruncher Duo
  • Pepper Mayo Cruncher Duo
34 {Each}
Zinger Combo 24
Mighty Zinger Combo 30
  • Mighty Zinger Box
  • Big Filler Box
36 {Each}
Twister Box 26
Super Dinner Meal 33
Strips and Dips 31
Mighty Original Sandwich 20


Item Price (QAR)
  • Supreme Fillet Sandwich
  • Supreme Zinger Sandwich
18 {Each}
  • Zinger Shrimp Supreme
  • Big Filler Classic Sandwich
  • Big Filler Jalapeno Sandwich
19 {Each}
  • Pepper Mayo Spicy
  • Pepper Mayo Original
  • Twister Sandwich – Spicy
  • Twister Sandwich – Original
  • Dynamite Burger
9 {Each}
  • Zinger Sandwich
  • Chicken Fillet Sandwich
15 {Each}
Mighty Zinger Sandwich 20

KFC Qatar

For Sharing

Item Price (QAR)
12 Pcs Dipping Bucket 96
18 Pcs Dipping Bucket 126
Variety Bucket 75
Strips & Dips Feast 55
8 Pc Core Bucket 65
12 Pc Core Bucket 89
18 Pc Core Bucket 119
24 Pc Core Bucket 155
8 Pcs Super Bucket 80
12 Pc Super Bucket 104
18 Pc Super Bucket 134
24 Pc Super Bucket 169

Kids Meal

Item Prices in QAR
Popcorn 13
Chicken 12
Strips 12

Sides and Desserts

Item Price (QAR)
  • Onion Rings
  • Crunch Fries
  • Chicken Pc – Spicy
  • Chicken Pc – Original
  • Pop Corn
8 {Each}
Hot Wings 3 Pcs 9
Fries 5
Coleslaw 6
Cookie 5
  • Cheddar Sauce
  • Mayonnaise
1 {Each}
  • Garlic Sauce
  • Colonel’s Sauce
  • Spicy BBQ Sauce
  • Sweet Chilli Sauce
2 {Each}
Gravy Sauce 4

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Drinks and Beverages

Item Price (QAR)
Magic Mojito 12
  • Pepsi Can
  • Diet Pepsi Can
  • 7Up Can
  • Mirinda Can
  • Mountain Dew Can
8 {Each}
  • Pepsi 500ML
  • 7UP 500ML
  • Mirinda 500ML
  • Mountain Dew 500ML
9 {Each}
Water 2

Contact Number

Having access to KFC Qatar’s contact number is convenient for placing orders, making inquiries, or providing feedback. Whether you prefer to dine in, take out, or opt for delivery, reaching out to KFC via phone ensures a seamless experience.

KFC Qatar Delivery Number 44410410

The latest KFC Qatar Menu with Prices is discussed above. Stay updated with today’s special offers at KFC Qatar, where you can enjoy discounts, meal deals, and promotions on your favorite menu items. Whether it’s a limited-time offer or a recurring promotion, taking advantage of today’s offer allows you to indulge in delicious KFC meals while saving money.

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